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Welcome To Brandon Hills Music Publishing

Brandon Hills Music (BMI), LLC was established in 2005 by Marsha L. Brown and former business partner, Mike Heath d/b/a Heath Brown Music (ASCAP), and Steven Lynn Music (SESAC).

Together, they have a major label release with Universal Records artist Steff Nevers, album title is "Closest to my Heart", song title "Let it Rain" by Larry Migliore and Kevin Gallerallo.  Also Buddy Lewis recorded "Honky Tonk in Heaven" by Mike Heath and Bob Alexander released on Ozark Records.  Mike left the company in the summer of 2007.

Marsha has since had numerous releases, including:  

  • "There You Are" on David Church’s album, "There You Are", June 2009. The song was written by Marsha Brown and Mike Heath.  David also recorded 2 more songs from Marsha’s catalogue:  "I Don’t Live in Lonely Anymore" by Mike Heath, and "Hang My Hat In Style" by David Wright.  There is also a music video in the works for the song "There You Are".

  • "Mexico", written by Larry Migliore and Kevin Gallerallo, recorded and released by Warren Doral.  Co-published with Joe F. Mitchell.

  • "Do You Like My Body", a fantastic pop song recorded by Ginger-Ly, released on Raggaforce.  Co-published with SEI Corp., Big Daddy Music.  Written by Nisa McCall.

  • "Out of the Blue", a great country song recorded by Tarabeth Echols, Coyote Crude Band, released June 2009.  Written by Judy Klass and Rob Taube.

Brandon Hills Music has an open-door policy, with turn around time in usually 3-4 weeks.  Material is not returned, and a reply is given ONLY if interested.


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