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Demo Songs

This page features songs and songwriters that have not yet been published.  Please feel free to shop through these featured songs, but please contact me for more information about my complete portfolio.  If you are a songwriter looking to get published, please contact me about submitting your works.  I will be adding selections to this page periodically, so check back from time to time.

Please click on the song titles to hear a brief sample of the songs.  The samples are approximately one minute in length.

Honky Tonk Hall of Fame Milliea Taylor McKinney
Tempted James C. Akans
Gone From My View Scott Nicol
Angel Heart Albert R. Schmidt
Monday Morning Smile Pam Messick
Won't Have Far to Fall Michael Thiel
My Beat-Up Old Heart Michael Thiel
Mind Over Matter Migliore/Gallarello
The Other Side of the Moon Migliore
Until We Meet Again Migliore/Gallarello
You Still Look Good Migliore/Gallarello
Hearts and Roses Migliore/Gallarello
I Remember You Migliore/Gallarello
I'm Getting Gone Migliore/McGovern/Ramos
 When You Said I Do David Wright
 I Can't Believe That I Found You David Wright
Diamonds In Her Eyes David Wright/Ron Crew
 Headin' Back To Nowhere David Wright/Ron Crew
 My Daddy's Guitar Mike Heath
 Grandpa Mike Heath
 Dry Rain Brehmer/Larsen/VanPay/VanVooren
Cornfield Cubicle  VanVooren/Brehmer/VanPay
Wheels  Brehmer/Barnette
I Wanna Be A Cowboy  Worrall
Cajun Moon  Matthews/Watson
Country Legend Jamboree  Matthews/Watson

Back Roads Heather Layne
You Loved Me Back To Life Starlene D. Haney
Supernova Shawna Mason
Look At Me Dror Gerad
When The Father's Gone John Allen Latta
Too Many Miles Between Us Nisa McCall
Lost In A Time Nancy Lee Hamilton

Wrecking Ball Genese
Hot L'il Number Carter/Nelson
You Crazy Fool Peter Willett
My World Jim Felhofer
Sleep On Sidewalks Gerad

Don't Get My Heart Broke Nisa McCall
It's A Sexy Thing  Nisa McCall
Too Hot To Handle  Nisa McCall
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof  Nisa McCall
Life Sucks Sullivan/Roller/Morin/Hazzard
Martin Luther King  Sullivan/Roller/Morin/Hazzard
City  Carter/Pavlova/Guenov
I Wanna Boy Carter/Pavlova/Guenov


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